Training LogĀ 

Sunday March 19, 2017 

Exercise selection: 

  • Low bar squats 
  • Dumbell bent over rows
  • Bench press
  • Dumbell lunge 

Program: 5/3/1. First microcycle. 

Thoughts: I realize losing body weight will mean losing absolute strength. I am currently on a diet that will help me lose weight and body fat. I didn’t feel as strong as before but that is okay. I will adjust and adapt. My legs are terribly weak and I know I need to get it stronger… 


Squats: 130×5, 150×5, 155×5 

No PR on the last set. These weight felt heavier for me, which is weird. So I decided to decrease the training max load so I can build myself back up again. 

Dumbbell over rows: three sets of 10 at 50

I realize I have a harder time stabilizing my spine on my left side. My right side left stronger. I am not speaking about the pull but just keeping my trunk firm and stable. 

Bench: 105×5, 120×5, 140×5 

No PR on the last set. 

Dumbbell lunge: three of 5 with 20lb. 

I decided to play it easy and allow my body to get accustom to the load and movement pattern. 


I will repeat this workout again in four days. I know I am not genetically gifted for building strength but I have to keep pushing myself and try to get stronger with very practice. I want to increase my absolute strength! 


First blog post

I want to share my thoughts and express my ideas with the public. There is nothing special here. You will gain what you first brought yoursekf here.